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Welcome to a New Kind of Title Experience

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Locally Owned.
Locally Operated.
Locally Loved.

We set out to create a new type of title experience – one that reflects our company culture and values, one of which is to have fun! We’re locally-owned, privately-held, and dedicated to people and businesses in the communities we serve.

Our entrepreneurial spirit, passion for giving back and creative solutions cultivate an atmosphere focused on growing businesses. With deep roots in our local communities, our interest goes beyond the title business. We partner with local businesses and charitable organizations to help our communities thrive.

We foster an environment that emulates our values, and our motto: Live, Love, Learn. Live embraces our belief in having a good work/life balance that’s important to us. We don't believe you have to compromise important priorities in your life to be in ours. Love represents our devotion to our community and giving back to local businesses. We focus much of our energy on making ourselves better and helping our clients be successful. Learn illustrates the importance of pushing ourselves to continue growing and finding new technology and solutions for our clients.

Our Values

Our values reflect who we are, what’s important to us and what we stand for as a company.

Above & Beyond

We believe in providing exceptional, timely service that exceeds expectations.

Cares Genuinely

Our passion for giving back to local businesses fuels our decisions, beliefs, work environment, and daily lives.

Team Player

Our passion for giving back to local businesses fuels our decisions, beliefs, work environment, and daily lives.


We think outside the box and continually strive to find new and different ways to provide phenomenal service.


We encourage a love for learning and invest in the personal and professional growth of our team members.


We love what we do, and our passion and enthusiasm fuel our work, relationships, and lives.


We consistently find ways to create it, have it, and share it as much as possible.

Administration Team

Amy Torres-Lepp

Amy Torres-Lepp

Founder /

Chief Executive Officer

Scott Lepp

Scott Lepp


Bret Martin

Bret Martin

President /

Attorney at Law

Kellie May

Kellie May

Escrow Operations Manager

Amanda Hamilton

Amanda Hamilton

Chief Financial Officer

Steve Presti

Steve Presti

Executive Vice President /

Commercial Sales